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PDF Accessibility Services


PDF Accessibility Services

Compliance with ADA and WCAG allows organizations to make their content and services available to the populace with disabilities. Proactively managing accessibility emphasizes a firm’s commitment to serving diverse users. Under document remediation services, we offer customized solutions to cater to diverse information accessibility needs. We provide cost-effective and high-quality ADA compliance services to ensure that information is 100% compatible with Assistive Technology (AT) software. With a dedicated team of professionals experienced in PDF remediation and a time-tested blend of manual workflows and automated tagging tools, we are capable of rendering any volume of documents that meet the standards of Section 508 accessibility and ADA of the US, and other country-specific accessibility guidelines such as DDA of Australia and the UK.

Quintuple’s PDF Accessibility and document remediation services take care of the complete remediation pipeline. From the addition of appropriate alt-tags to images to meeting color-contrast requirements– we ensure that the reading order conveys the author’s intent. With a streamlined remediation framework, we assist organizations of different verticals in achieving enhanced accessibility for differently abled users.

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